José Pujante Hernández began his steps in a small store of 800 m2, where initially sells seeds, seed potatoes, fertilizers and agricultural tools.

He begins to export oranges to the spanish and scandinavian market.

After the Spanish civil war, his son Antonio Pujante Galindo takes over the business, continuing and improving the steps initiated by his father and his uncle, increasing the range of products from lemons and oranges to pomegranates, melons and grapes.

With the incorporation into the company of his sons; José, Francisco, Antonio and later Resurrección, increases the facilities to an area of 3.500 m2, milestone for the region at that time; beginning the adaptation to the packaging needs of the most demanding costumers of the international markets, making of his trademark a reference in terms of quality.

The name of the company changed to Antonio Pujante Galindo, S.L.

With the full incorporation of their children into the familiar business, the company finally was called Antonio Pujante, S.A.

At the end of the 90´s, the fourth generation joins the company as an active part of Antonio Pujante, S.A. Incorporating well formed professionals to the human assets of the company in order to carry out the transition and modernization in all the processes including the improvement of the facilities.

This changes are confirmed at the end of the 2000´s with the construction and operating of the new facilities, suitable for the most demanding requirements of production, food security and quality required by the most competitive markets.

With these antecedents, Antonio Pujante, S.A accepts the future challenges with the commitment of satisfying the needs of its products and markets.

Actually there are many ways of packaging demanded for our products, so it is necessary to carry out changes in the production systems to satisfy our costumers’ requests. Changes as classification under international quality standards, suitability to quality systems, pre cooling and temperature controlling system of the fruit until destination, and innovation in the packaging; being agile and flexible in order to adapt our products to the implantation of new systems. We had adapted the facilities to our staff with formation room, dining room, locker room, etc… Definitively, adapting the productive set to the market and society needs, which are more and more demanding, considering the security and quality at work of the human asset as the most important issue.

Under this framework of production and consumption; after years of experience in constant evolution, Antonio Pujante, S.A. continues with a new stage under the challenge of the quality of their citrus products, progressing to the future searching the excellence, adapting an exquisite product to the needs of a market in continuous evolution. Thus, Antonio Pujante, S.A. based on its origin, bets to the future.

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